Modern Payment Solutions for Health & Benefits Markets

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Cloud-based utility that easily integrates into any pre-established IT Ecosystem 
Rules-driven architecture that supports unlimited inbound data feeds and payment destinations

Unique forced-balance accounting structure virtually eliminates manual reconciliation
Enterprise-class accounting platform that fully supports all GAAP reporting requirements
What is Automated PremiumBilling?
Automated Premium+ Billing (APB) describes the unique approach we take to managing financial transactions for organizations that want to offer their customers a frictionless payment experience regardless of the complexity or scale of their shopping platform. APB leapfrogs old "consolidated billing" solutions by intelligently calculating, balancing and applying payments in a 100% automated system - virtually eliminating manual interaction.
With over twenty years of experience in benefits-based billing and enrollment solutions and seven unique billing systems builds under our belt, our team understands the unique challenges of automating in an ever changing, many-to-many marketplace, where your customers demand payment to be effortless, paperless and always 100% accurate. We keep core treasury functions like invoicing, payment, remittance and reporting tightly coupled on a single platform to ensure every dollar is accounted for and transactions always balance.

We built our platform, William(R) from the ground up expressly to support the most complex insurance benefits purchasing  markets. It's all we do - and we do it very well. Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you how.
Market Segments

Certifi provides solutions specifically designed for the following markets

Health Plans
Insurance Companies
Federal & State
​Public Markets
Private Exchange & Benefits
True accounting engine for all billing and payment functions. IT70 certified for federal and state contracts. 
Consolidate all benefit offerings into single bills for both groups and individuals.
Streamlined invoicing, payments and a single accurate feed to the general ledger with real-time payment data.

Customer Spotlight

Certifi successfully manages all financial elements of the Utah State Health Exchange including all billing runs and risk adjustments across all participating health plans. Certifi has also implemented processes to ensure the complete accuracy of employer and broker banking data so, for the first time, 100% of all financial transactions are completed electronically, with no manual intervention.

"100% of financial transactions are completed electronically"

Patty Conner,
Director of the Utah Office of Consumer Health Services

"Certifi's platform, William® allows Avenue H to see improved efficiency and accuracy in our financial transactions. William® is a valuable tool not only for our the Avenue H staff, but also for our brokers and our consumer customers. They benefit from streamlined payment process that makes the financial aspect of our system quick and easy."

Jay Belschner,
CEO and Co-founder, Certifi, Inc. 

"We are breaking the old paradigm of what we call 'collision billing', a method that simply combines a bunch of bills together, requiring manual clean-up on the backend. Its expensive, time consuming and a creates very poor customer experience. Our ability to intelligently auto-calculate, balance and apply payments in a 100% automated system reduces errors, cost and delights the end user. Customers like Avenue H benefit from efficiency, lower operating costs and ultimately higher customer satisfaction rates."
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