Certifi Automated PremiumBilling and Consulting Services

Meet William®

William® is an intelligent automated premium billing platform that performs all the functions of membership accounting, payment management, collections and remittemce for digital benefits-based billing.

William® enables 100% electronic billing transactions in complex billing scenarios, including payer sponsored marketplaces for group and individual populations as well as unique populations like Medicare Advantage and Medicaid

Billing Solutions

Consolidated List Billing

Consolidated Self-Billing

The Automated List Bill Solution from Certifi 

The Self Administered Billing Solution from Certifi provides an electronic, self-service interface to collect self-reported enrollment volumes from employers and Third Party Administrators.  Using this capability, employers can easily submit current month enrollment counts and coverage volumes as well as changes to prior period invoices. 

Certifi automatically validates the accuracy of the enrollment and volume data entered by the employer and then presents the employer withn an electronic invoice summerizing all charges, and allowing the employer to make an immediate payment or set up reocurring payments.

Coupled with detailed list billing capabilities, the Self Administered Billing Solution allows carriers to provide online, automated billing and payment to employers of all sizes, whether they receive detailed invoices generated from carrier enrollment data or provide headcount information based on employer data.​ 
  1. Forced Transaction Balance
    Each individual transaction is balance up-front, accounting for every dollar and eliminating messy manual recon.
  2. White Label customer-facing tools
    All customer-facing bills, reports, portals and tools branded to be consistent with sponsoring organization's look and feel.
  3. SaaS Integration and Web Services
    Integration modules are flexible and fast to implement. Average implementation timeline 60-90 days.
  4. General Ledger Reporting
    True Enterprise Class Accounting System with GAAP compliant reporting provides clear audit trails for GL management.
  5. Integrated Multi-function Payment Portal
    Consumers can pay on-line and set up reoccurring payments using their payment method of choice, credit card, debit card or check.
  6. Broker Commission Management Portal
    Self-service commission management portal speeds payment and reduces call volume related to late or incorrect payments.
  7. Consumer Cash Payment Services
    Cash payment service allows consumers to pay using cash by presenting their bill at any participating retailer.
  8. Tier-2 Client Support Call Center
    Optional tier-2 call center available to support and questions and technical issues. Train the trainer call center support available.


Let our experts help you with your next billing project.

With over a century of combined experience in information management, compliance and business optimization services, Certifi provides custom consulting and program design support to help clients get the most out of their core administrative solutions.

  • Program Management/Recovery
  • ​Software Development
  • Vendor Selection/Evaluation/Management